At night 


At night before sleep you gave me your memories,

two people dance, laughing into each other

eyes locked, your ideal of love.


At night in darkness you proffered me trust,

I showed you secrets, you drank them in,

greedy for another way, forcing love.


At night in whispers you unveiled your truth,

adult-spat shards, begrudged offerings,

lodged in the soft, blue flesh of your neck.


At night it was I pressed my lips to wounds you hid,

maculated, image-wrought, gashes

that tore at your roots, left you adrift.


At night before sleep you gave me your memories,

raw rafters and rolling green rises,

they are my memories now.


25 November 2018

Giugno 2013

Giugno 10- giugno 28 2013


Mostra individuale - Wall Memory

a cura di Francesca Gallo


Associazione AOCF58 - Galleria Bruno Lisi

Via Flaminia 58




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Luigi Battisti . Mary Desmond . Pasquale Polidori

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