Epistole 2012


You defeat me with words yet I know

That my life is lived out in a cave

Where the birds of your soul never go



"Epistole", is part of a continuing investigation into the nature of  memory,  time and privacy.  The project uses hundreds of mainly handwritten, private letters which were sent to me between 1977 and 1996 by over 50 different people.  Part of what is written is hidden by silk ribbon sewn onto the paper, then the letters are fixed with silk threads and dressmakers pins onto large pieces of tulle.


An additional element of the installation are words written in ribbons following the form of my my own handwriting of the inscription above written by Vita Sackville-West.


25 November 2018

Giugno 2013

Giugno 10- giugno 28 2013


Mostra individuale - Wall Memory

a cura di Francesca Gallo


Associazione AOCF58 - Galleria Bruno Lisi

Via Flaminia 58




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Luigi Battisti . Mary Desmond . Pasquale Polidori

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Giovedi 27 Settembre, ore 17.00, secondo appuntamento di Le donne. L'arte. Oggi. 'Cammin facendo': giornate di esposizione d'arte visiva, videoclip e performance.